Habits: Form New Ones and Break Old Ones

It’s the end of February, and how many of your new year’s resolutions are still making the daily cut? What happened to all that energy and enthusiasm - that motivation - that compelled you to make them in the first place? If you’re like me, it’s tapered off by now. In fact, I was in [...]

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3 Tips for Email Hygiene in 2016 (Bonus Google Inbox Tips)

Some emails are intended to be a detailed correspondence that you savor writing, like a letter. But these are few and far between, and for some of us, much more often than not, email is just a means to the end of coordinating small practical outcomes. The point at which writing these emails becomes a resource consuming [...]

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5 Ways to Optimize Your Morning and Set Yourself up for All-Day Success

The morning is sacred. The streets are empty. The sun is rising. The dew is gently evaporating. Your phone is silent. Your inbox is empty. The day is full of potential, silently buzzing with energy. And everyone else is asleep. But you're not. You're awake, seizing your life and taking advantage of these precious moments everyone [...]

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Content Marketing: Basic Strategies

In the new informational economy, traditional advertising, based on saturating the environment with branded media in order to create a subliminal familiarity and thus affinity with a supposed emotion of need and the proposed solution, a strategy fundamentally based on centralized broadcast technology, is increasingly eschewed in favor of user-supportive based models which rely on [...]

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My favorite project gets a little love.

Recently, my design for my wife's blog thekitchenrag.com received some attention from the fine people over at Theme Fusion in the form of a customer spotlight. Theme Fusion makes a premium Wordpress theme called Avada, which is a flexible and robust product that actually fills a niche somewhere between "framework" and "theme". I've deployed it on a range [...]

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Professional Networking: 4 Basic Techniques

1. How to Make Friends with Everybody Remember in middle school, how everybody tended make friends with a group of people to whom they were very loyal, and formed exclusive cliques with their own internal rules and roles? Most people never stop behaving this way. Some say it's a genetic inheritance from our primate ancestors, who lived [...]

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Grooveshark is dead. Here’s how to move on.

UPDATE (05/05/15): For the time being, there appears to be a 90% clone up at http://grooveshark.io/. According to BGR: "On Tuesday, I received an email from someone calling himself Shark — an individual connected to Grooveshark who has assembled a team to bring the site back to life. “How can I do this?,” he asks in the email. [...]

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Getting Things Done with Google Keep

It's important to have strategies for staying on task, using your time effectively, and being as productive as you've made it your goal to be. My personality leans towards trying to maximize efficiency and automate routines whenever possible, so this is something I love thinking and talking about. As a freelancer, I get paid for what I produce, not how long I take to [...]

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7 Essential Online Marketing Strategies

Where are you on this map? Photo credit The following are 7 essential online marketing strategies that can be leveraged to immediately help increase your visibility on the web. 1. Engage social communities and major players via Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Youtube, Pinterest, Quora, and whatever else is relevant to your industry. Community [...]

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