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Project Description

The Kitchen Rag

Real. Food. Journalism. is a lifestyle blog authored by Diana Glasser which focuses on nutrition, health, and Diana’s personal wellness journey. Since the brand’s inception in 2012, TKR and its properties have grown massively, including for example over 11,000 Facebook followers.

The female-led food/wellness/lifestyle website ecosystem is highly competitive and suffers from a great deal of homogeneity. TKR needed to reflect Diana’s unusually competent grasp of the technical foundations of nutrition and the no-fluff approach to content. The original concept was The Kitchen Rag, as in a journalistic publication about food, health, nutrition, and other topics that might come up in the kitchen – with the tongue in cheek implication of being low-brow. Since then the subject matter has expanded and so has the audience, but the serviceable brand concept continues to be clear, distinctive, and memorable.